Automate your QA Process
The path to high quality automated test coverage starts here.

Connect your app

We build tests into your codebase

CI runs your tests on every commit

Agile As A Service is the quickest way to add
or expand test coverage in your existing application

Our tests can press every button, ensure emails are delivered, create test users and fully automate the manual test processes you take before release. With a strong test suite, you can gain the confidence to deploy new code every single day.

Agility. As A Service.
Gain confidence in your application with a test suite built for you.

High-level Acceptance Tests
Our tests simulate a browser and verify proper operation of your app as experienced through a real browser interface.
Tests Are Part of Your App
We build tests directly into your source repository so every developer can run every test locally, minimizing time to resolve failures.
You Own Your Test Suite
The tests you get are yours to keep. You'll own them, grow them, and build them freely without needing our team for anything, unless you'd like continued support.
Test Your Payment System
Tests can verify proper interaction with 3rd party systems such as payment gateways like Stripe.
Test Email Delivery
Our tests can verify emails are sent when actions happen in your app so you never have to worry about your emails not being sent.
Test your Signup System
When you have test coverage on your signup system, you never have to worry that an update will break your app's ability to serve new customers.
Built with proven tools
We use industry standard tools like rspec and capybara to provide full-stack acceptance testing.
CI Setup is Included
We will setup a link to CI and modify your workflow so your tests are run every time a developer makes a change
Training is Included
We'll train your development team how to use, modify and maintain the test suite so you can continue great test coverage after we finish
What is this?

Agile As A Service (AaaS) is a service that will build or extend your application's automated test suite to cover your most critical parts of your application with automated tests. We build a test suite, setup a CI service, and train your team how to work with and maintain the test suite long after we finish.

How does this work?

Sign up and select your repository. We will analyze your application and get back in touch with you with details of what will be involved.

Once we start, we will create a fork of your repository where we will begin to build your test suite. This new fork will be integrated with CI and will contain the start of your application's automated testing. When we're all finished, we'll submit a pull request back to your team with the completed work and your team can review and merge it down at your own pace. We'll provide training so your team can understand how to use, modify, and maintain the test suite for all new development.

How long will this take?

Timing depends on the needs of your application. Some applications can be completed in 30 days or less.

Why are you doing this?

We believe testing is a vital part of application development once applications reach a certain level of maturity. Our service is designed to help ease the pain of transitioning to test driven development by giving your team an industry proven toolset and a sane, maintainable test environment that will let you regain confidence in your development team's ability to produce great code.